Shared Resources from the Pregnancy Prevention Work Group – 7/9/20

Lauren Jones: How to Use Factile

Project SAFE, NYU Langone

In this session, Lauren introduced Factile, a platform that allows you to create a Jeopardy-style quiz game board online. Thank you, Lauren!

Pregnancy Prevention work group meeting – 7/9/20 (recording)
Lauren’s presentation starts at 8:32

Shared Resources from the Pregnancy Prevention Work Group – 6/25/20

Brennan O’Rourke: Facilitating Live Over Zoom

Project SAFE of Family Health Centers at NYU Langone

In the June 25 meeting, Brennan O’Rourke demonstrated interactive ways to use Zoom with young people. “The work is the same, it’s just the platform that’s different,” says Brennan, “so how do I use this platform to my advantage as I work with young people over Zoom?” Their presentation starts at 6:16 in the link below.

Pregnancy Prevention Work Group meeting – 6/25/20 (recording)

Thank you, Brennan!

Shared Resources from the Pregnancy Prevention Work Group – 6/11/20

Pregnancy Prevention Work Group meeting – 6/11/20 (recording)

Jairo Alcantara: Youth Education through Music

Safe Horizon – Streetwork Project

In this meeting, Jairo Alcantara shared how he works to increase youth engagement and development through music, while simultaneously providing educational messaging and tools.

Watch his presentation in the meeting recording beginning at 6:37.

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, Jairo!

Shared Resources from the Pregnancy Prevention Work Group – 5/28/20

Pregnancy Prevention Work Group meeting – 5/28/20 (recording)

Alexsia Avila and Taskin Khan: Birth Control and Consent

THEO, SUNY Downstate

This interactive presentation uses Mentimeter to engage young people in a discussion about birth control methods and consent.

Shared Resources from the Pregnancy Prevention Work Group – 5/14/20

Pregnancy Prevention Work Group Meeting – 5/14/20 (recording)

Teresa Reiter: Making a Birth Control Facts Video


In this meeting, Teresa Reiter shared how she created an educational video for youth using iMovie and Keynote, with a brief demo of Keynote. Teresa and her colleagues are creating videos that will be posted on the BronxWorks YouTube channel.

Teresa’s presentation starts in the meeting recording about 13 minutes in.

Watch the video she created here:

Birth Control Myths Busted (video)

Thank you, Teresa, for sharing what you’ve learned!

Shared Resources: Birth Control Images – 4/23/20

Pregnancy Prevention Work Group Meeting (recording) – 4/23/20

Kat Manierre: Birth Control Option Images and Presentation

St. Lawrence County Health Initiative

Kat shared a suite of images that can be used in your educational materials. Check out her presentation for ideas on how to use them and her “Teens Talk Birth Control” sample presentation, and download the zip file to get the image files.

Below are just a few examples of what you’ll find in the zip file. Thanks for sharing, Kat!

Shared Resources from the Pregnancy Prevention Work Group: 4/16/20 and 4/30/20

Work Group Meeting Recording: 4/16/20

Work Group Meeting Recording: 4/30/20

Thanks to all who shared these resources!

Amy Beauchamp: Birth Control Presentation

North Country Perinatal Network

Purpose/goal: To increase knowledge about birth control, how it works, how to access it, and considerations when choosing a birth control method.

Intended audience: Middle School and High School Health Classes

Intended facilitator: CAPP Educator or Classroom Teacher

How to use: Post slides in Google Classroom or facilitate verbally with a screen share in Google Meets. Provide worksheet for students to complete and return.

Erica Agudelo: Talking Points on Hormonal Contraception


Purpose/goal:  To eliminate the stigma behind birth control

Intended audience: Youth of childbearing age and teachers/administrators

Intended facilitator:  Any health educator

How to use: This presentation is a guide or even a starting point for all educators to provide insights on beneficial aspects of contraceptives. This, in turn, helps get rid of the myth that birth control leads young women to engage in sex or that every young woman on birth control is sexually active. This will also help females make a decision that’s best for their body along with pregnancy prevention.

Amanda Ferrandino:  Creating Interactive Activities Using Aha Slides

Cohen Children’s Medical Center, Northwell Health

Purpose/goal: How to use online platforms to create interactive virtual activities to discuss birth control

Intended audience: High school youth who have received basic information on birth control

Intended facilitator: CAPP/PREP educators

How to use: Live, virtually or in-person

Bianca Tamayo: Preconception Health Presentation

NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem