New Resources: Mental Health, Abortion

Hello everyone! I want to call your attention to two new features on our website that might be useful to you.

Adolescent Development Toolkit:
Youth Mental Health

Several sections of the website are “toolkit” or “clearinghouse” sections—for example, the popular SEL Toolkit or the Supervisor’s PYD Toolkit. These are collections of resources specifically for youth work professionals.

Adding to the Adolescent Development Toolkit, we recently compiled an extensive collection of resources that aim to help you:

  • Understand adolescent mental health and illness
  • Understand adolescent mental health inequities
  • Respond to mental health crises
  • Put prevention strategies in place
  • Direct young people to online resources and help lines

Explore the Toolkit: Youth Mental Health !

Abortion in New York State

Our blog post on abortion law is now a page on the website—essentially the same, but with a few additional resources:
Young People and Abortion in New York State. Recognizing that this page just scratches the surface of a complex topic, I have two questions for you:

  • What additional resources related to abortion rights would be helpful?
  • What resources do you recommend?
    We had a request, for example, for help with talking about NYS abortion rights in communities that oppose those rights. Do you have anything to share on that topic?

Let me know your thoughts either in the comments or by emailing me at And thanks!

~ Karen

Author: Karen Schantz

Clearinghouse Director, ACT for Youth

4 thoughts on “New Resources: Mental Health, Abortion”

  1. I’d like a list of the Crisis Pregnancy Centers that are deceptive, so I can investigate. Not every teen wants to have an abortion. For those who don’t, we need a list of centers that provide alternatives that are on the level.

    1. The National Council of Jewish Women New York has spearheaded an effort to identify fake clinics. You can see their map of real and fake clinics here:
      This could be a starting point for you.

      To be clear, we’re certainly not saying that abortion is the answer for all teens. We’re saying that every teen deserves unbiased counseling and support on all of their pregnancy options. The purpose of these centers is to dissuade people from getting abortions. Some of them do offer services that can be helpful for people who have already made the decision to continue their pregnancies. However, personally, I would never refer a young person to one of these centers for a pregnancy test or options counseling, because all young people deserve support in making their own decisions about their bodies and lives.

  2. The abortion page is excellent. I appreciate that there is factual information about what a pregnancy and abortion is, cited legal language surrounding abortion, and also outside resources to increase access to abortion (should someone desire). I wonder if it may be helpful to link directly to an abortion fund? I was able to find one by clicking on the Youth Abortion Support Collective page who has a link to one [] but I think it may be beneficial to have one linked directly on the ACT for Youth page as well so it is a “one stop shop.” Thank you again for this excellent resource.

  3. Thank you, Aviva, I really appreciate your comment! And because of your remarks I realized that there’s a mistake on the page. It’s definitely supposed to link directly to the New York Abortion Access Fund (under “Paying for Abortion Services”) but currently it goes only to the Spanish language version –it’s supposed to go to both the English and Spanish pages. We’ll get that fixed ASAP! Thanks again, so much!

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