Shared Resources from the STI/HIV Work Group – 6/23/20

STI/HIV Work Group Meeting – 6/23/20 (recording)

Shaquana Gardner: Remote Learning 101

Center for Community Alternatives

Shaquana Gardner presented on CCA’s video-based sexual health lesson plan for youth housed in Horizon, a juvenile facility. She discussed the overall process (challenges and successes included) for creating these video lessons, particularly highlighting the STI lesson plan as an example. The intended audience of the STI lesson plan overall is detained youth ages 14-21.

Slide 12 Video: Video URL:
(Start video at 0:37 and end at 1:48)

Slide 13 Video: Video URL:
(Start video at beginning and end at 1:07)

Thank you, Shaquana, for this excellent example of lesson planning and video creation!

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