rePRO Virtual Film Festival, August 12-16

Stacie Moss from North Country Prenatal/Perinatal Council alerted us to this upcoming opportunity–thanks, Stacie!

rePRO is a five-day virtual film festival (running August 12-16) that will explore the past, present, and future of women’s reproductive health care, awareness, advocacy, and bodily integrity in America. Each day features a different topic:

Day 1: rePro Justice for Women of Color

Day 2: Believe Me, It’s My Body

Day 3: When Pregnancy Gets Complicated

Day 4: Let’s Talk About It

Day 5: All tickets are pay what you can. For those in need of a free ticket voucher they are offering a limited number of these for each session. All net ticket revenue will go to women’s reproductive justice advocacy organizations.

For more information, visit rePRO by

Reading Club Selection for 7/24/20

Join us Friday at 11:00 for a discussion of non-binary identity, and what it is like for non-binary youth growing up today. Our jumping off point is this article from the New York Times:

The Struggles of Rejecting the Gender Binary

If you are unable to access the article, let me know at

Remember to register here. Talk to you soon!

~ Karen

Shared Resources from the STI/HIV Work Group – 6/23/20

STI/HIV Work Group Meeting – 6/23/20 (recording)

Shaquana Gardner: Remote Learning 101

Center for Community Alternatives

Shaquana Gardner presented on CCA’s video-based sexual health lesson plan for youth housed in Horizon, a juvenile facility. She discussed the overall process (challenges and successes included) for creating these video lessons, particularly highlighting the STI lesson plan as an example. The intended audience of the STI lesson plan overall is detained youth ages 14-21.

Slide 12 Video: Video URL:
(Start video at 0:37 and end at 1:48)

Slide 13 Video: Video URL:
(Start video at beginning and end at 1:07)

Thank you, Shaquana, for this excellent example of lesson planning and video creation!

Reading Club Selection for July 10, 2020

This week for the club we are going with a video: learn from children and teens about what it’s like Growing Up Trans in this PBS/Frontline documentary.

And if you want to learn more (though it’s not necessary to watch this before the meeting), take a look at this MTV Doc: Transformation.

Don’t forget to register for the meeting.

Have a great week and let’s talk on Friday!

Shared Resources from the Healthy Relationships Work Group – 6/24/20

Anne Van der Veer: Personal Boundaries and Dating Abuse Workshops

Cohen Children’s Medical Center, Northwell Health

Intended audience? Middle school, flexible up through high school
Intended facilitator? Health Educator 
How to use: To be presented via live video platform (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.), with supplementary pre- and post-workshop materials provided via email or through Google Classroom

Healthy Relationships Work Group meeting – 6/24/20 (recording)
Anne’s presentation begins at 5:30.

Resources: Personal Boundaries Workshop

Resources: Dating Abuse Workshop

Thank you, Anne, for sharing these terrific resources!