Shared Resources from the Healthy Relationships Work Group – 4/29/20

Healthy Relationships Work Group Meeting – 4/29/20 (recording)

Our thanks go to Rebecca and Sona for sharing these resources!

Rebecca Dirschberger: Unhealthy Relationships

Native American Community Services

Intended audience? HS or MS youth
Intended facilitator? Classroom teacher or facilitator
How to use: In a classroom setting or via Zoom meeting

Sona Jani: Consent 101

Staten Island University Hospital

Intended audience? HS youth
Intended facilitator? Classroom teacher or health educator/facilitator
How to use: Give to a teacher to disseminate to students, no live interaction, students complete handout on own

Consent 101

Consent 101 Quiz

Necklace Quiz

Party Quiz 

Text Quiz 

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