Farewell and Good Luck, Sara!

The word is out…Sara is leaving us this week and headed to an amazing new job with Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

For 11 years, Sara has done incredible work as a researcher and with the ACT for Youth Evaluation Team and beloved mentor for the ACT Youth Network.   Through her skill and humor, Sara has been able to connect with providers by helping them navigate the world of evaluation, tablets, surveys and everyone’s favorite…ORS.  In addition to her own family, Sara has been an integral part of our family here at Cornell.  Her dedication to the work, her commitment to reproductive justice and her endearing personality make her one-of-a-kind.

Sara, your work with Cornell, in general, and the ACT Team, specifically, has been invaluable.  Planned Parenthood’s gain is our loss, but we are beyond excited for as you embark on this new endeavor.  We will miss you tremendously!

~ the ACT for Youth team

Sara at Youth Network meetiing, June 2016
Sara and Michele with Youth Network members in Albany, 2011
Sara and Michele, 2011
Sara, Heather, Divine, and Michele with Ravhee
Sara and Michele with Youth Network participants

3 thoughts on “Farewell and Good Luck, Sara!”

  1. Sara!!!! I’m sooooo HAPPY FOR YOU


    I’m really going to miss you. I was so happy and looking forward to working with….. “Remember that time you conducted my observation back in like 2014?!?!?!”…….
    the woman that came and did my observation back in 2014!!! LOL

    I feel so blessed to have worked alongside you even if for a super short time – each interaction/conversation with you was in-depth, cherished and valued. I appreciate your input and impact on a larger scale for staff and youth alike.

    Wish you a ton of luck and we will definitely keep in touch!!

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