New Learning Collaborative: Parent Engagement

Sometimes the only thing harder than being a parent, is engaging a parent.

In response to the feedback we’ve gotten through conversations and the needs assessment, we will soon begin a learning collaborative around parent engagement and parent education workshops. We’ll discuss best practices and what the most recent research tells us.  We’ll also ask you, the practitioners, what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and what you think the most obvious challenges are,  and we’ll dive into what some of the hidden challenges may be.

Open to both Health Educator Supervisors and Educators, this learning collaborative will meet every other week for an hour via a Zoom meeting, over the course of several weeks. If we get a large response, we may limit the amount of participants–we really want folks who are going to participate and, well, be engaged.

At the end, participants will create a topics and tips sheet to share with the rest of the CAPP and PREP providers.

Our first meeting will take place Thursday, May 3rd, at 1pm. During that initial meeting, I’ll poll the group to see what day/time work best and go with whatever works for the majority of people. A link to register will be emailed out early next week, so be on the lookout for it!

Looking forward to talking more about this with you!

 – Heather