ORS Reminders

With the increasing volume of cycles these past few months, we thought this was a good time to share some reminders about common issues we’ve noticed when reviewing entries in the online reporting system. In this post we clarify exactly what counts as a session, and review the process for adding participants after a cycle is already underway.

What exactly is a session?

A single date is a single session, even if you cover more than one module. Keep in mind that a session is defined by date, but it can include multiple modules and activities. So, even if you cover more than one module, or parts of more than one module, on a single day, it is considered one session.

Why it matters: Showing multiple sessions for a single date will artificially inflate the number of sessions required to complete a cycle. We need accurate information in order to diagnose problems correctly (for example, attendance drop off).

We have modified the ORS so it will no longer allow you to create 2 sessions with the same date in a single cycle.

When and how should a participant be added after a cycle has already started?

Add new participants (those who join after the first session) to the cycle before you record the first session they attended. Keep in mind information should be added to the ORS on a rolling basis; the order in which you enter information should reflect what happened in the cycle.

Why it matters: Entering information about a participant in any other way will negatively affect your attendance rate because the system will not reflect the total number of participants correctly.

To add information about a new participant:

  1. Before entering the session data, go to “Update an existing EBP cycle”
  2. Select “Add a new participant”
  3. Select the cycle the participant should be added to
  4. Fill out the demographic information (note: don’t check the “attended” box for the session dates listed, because the participant did not attend those sessions)
  5. Hit save

Next go to “Update an existing EBP cycle,” then “Record a session,” and select the cycle.  Now you can enter information about the specific session.

Overall we are very impressed by how well entries into the ORS are going. We just thought we’d send a few reminders before you submit all the cycles started this academic year. Please reach out to your evaluation support team member with any questions!

   – Jenny