BWIAH Provider Days – What did your colleagues think?

It’s always great to have face-to-face time with all of you, and for us that was certainly a highlight of the 2017 Bureau of Women, Infant and Adolescent Health (BWIAH) Provider Days. Amy has compiled the evaluations to give us a sense of how it all went for you, and how we can improve in the future. Here are some of our takeaways.

Registration and communication before the event was more difficult or confusing for people whose agencies work with more than one Center of Excellence.

  • If we have this opportunity again, we should work on clarifying the audience for each day and streamlining the registration process across COEs.

The hotel itself received mostly positive reviews – but the few who had a bad experience had a very bad experience. Your comments ranged from “Beautiful” and “Love it!” to “Horrible.” However, there were many comments on the location and size of the hotel, and despite our own positive experience with the conference planners at this hotel we will explore other options.

  • Many noted that the distance from the train station and lack of a shuttle made for expensive taxi rides.
  • Food options were limited by the location, and meant that many of you had to brave crossing the highway. As one participant put it, “Street crossing was like the video game Frogger.”

We were unable to provide lunch, coffee, or snacks because of the terms or our funding, and we were unable to negotiate an affordable lunch buffet or boxed lunch option for you with the hotel. Some of you found the 90-minute lunch break a waste of time, others appreciated the breather.

The May 9 plenaries, meetings with program advisors, and workshops were all rated as valuable with very few dissenters. Nearly all of you seem to have found the content useful. (Or are you just trying to make us feel good?)

The May 10 evaluations tell us you thought the day overall did a good job of meeting its objectives, especially the goal of “recognizing the opportunities for collaboration among community providers.” The speakers—especially Tom Klaus—were appreciated and presented useful information.

Community meetings got mixed reviews. Some of the groups were bigger than anticipated, so the noise level in the ballroom was a real problem. Some providers noted that they have limited opportunities for collaboration in their own regions. But some regional groups were excited about meeting each other, and we’ve heard of at least two regions that are already planning to meet again. In general, opportunities to network were rated highly, and 88% of you agreed (or strongly agreed) that the community meeting will enhance collaboration in your community.

Thank you for coming and sharing your opinions! What else do you want us to know? Has any part of Provider Days stuck with you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

 – Jutta