Welcome (and Welcome Back) from the Technical Assistance Team!

Hello CAPP and PREP folks! Congratulations on being part of this statewide initiative. Some of you know who we are, and some of you are new to us, so we wanted to take advantage of The Hub and make a brief introduction to our new Technical Assistance structure at the ACT for Youth Center of Excellence.  For those of you “old timers,” you’ve seen or talked with the TA team in one way or another (Jutta, Heather, Michele, Divine, and Beth).  For you newer folks, HELLO from all of us.

With the new funding cycle, the ACT COE has developed a new structure for providing you with technical assistance. We have de-centralized the process so that we can quickly and personally respond to your needs.  We hope this new structure gives you a chance to know us better, as well as for us to get to know you better so that we can provide more personalized TA for you. Each of you now has a specific “dynamic duo” comprised of a TA and Evaluation Team member. These folks will be your go-to contacts for any questions or technical assistance needs you may have.  Thinking of making adaptations to your EBP? Contact your TA person. Have a question about the new online reporting system? Contact your Evaluation person. You can find out who your support team is here: TA/Evaluation Support Teams for CAPP and PREP (PDF). If you want to know more about what to expect, take a look at this Technical Assistance Guidance Document (PDF).

We may have already had the chance to talk with some of you through the Needs Assessment conversations we have been having with all of you. We have really enjoyed being able to talk with you, get to know you a bit better, and to hear what you’re looking forward to or what challenges you anticipate with this new funding cycle.

We are looking forward to working with all of you as we continue to support your good work with young people!

  – Beth

Slow Internet?

We realize that some providers might be lacking infrastructure for fast or wireless internet, and this could be affecting their ability to use the online reporting system and setting up tablets to collect youth survey data. While we can’t do anything about your internet service, we brainstormed some general solutions you can approach your organization’s IT support about.

  • Ask your IT support about firewalls or others blocks that might be limiting your access.
  • Consider using a tablet with a data plan to enter information in the online reporting system.
  • Ask your IT support about setting up a wireless router or adding a wireless access point to boost your connection.
  • If hardwired updates aren’t possible, explore the possibility of purchasing a mobile hotspot. Smart phones or tablets with a data plan can often serve as a hotspot, or separate mobile hotspot devices and plans can be purchased.

Once the early kinks are worked out, we are confident you will see the advantages of collecting data online! As always, if you have questions or are having problems with any of our online systems, be sure to let us know.

Amanda Purington, MPS – Mandy