Shared Resources from the Healthy Relationships Work Group: 4/15/20

Work group meeting recording (4/15/20)
Thanks to all who shared!

Abby Terry: Who Would You Tell?

Mothers and Babies

  • The goal of “Who Would You Tell” is for students to think about boundaries in different relationships, hear examples of non-physical boundaries, recognize the nuances of boundaries as it might be easy to say “I trust all my friends,” but when given specific examples it may become clear that there may be different levels of trust. 
  • The intended audience can be middle or high school students with statements adjusted to fit the audience.
  • This activity may be delivered by a facilitator or teacher, but as written would work best happening live with conversation and interaction to share different responses. It could be modified to be a journal exercise for students to complete individually.

Shaquia Williams: How to Break Up Respectfully

Spanish Action League of Onondaga County, Inc. – La Liga

  • The goal of this workshop is to teach the audience how to identify when a relationship is over, to explain why breaking up with someone is difficult, to provide them with advice about things they can do and say when breaking up with someone, and to provide them with advice about things they should avoid doing and saying when breaking up with someone.
  • The primary intended audience is teens and adolescents in grades 6th through 12th. However, the workshop terminology and examples can be adjusted to better fit an older age group.
  • The intended deliverer of this workshop is a facilitator of sorts, but a parent or teacher could also present the information because the presentation is user friendly.
  • This workshop can be delivered live or virtually. It also does not necessarily need to be delivered by a facilitator. It can easily be uploaded on a website or given to a teacher to distribute. The only thing that would need to be done with a facilitator is the reflection piece of the workshop.

Anne Van Der Veer: Teaching Consent Using Google Classroom

Long Island Jewish Medical Center / Northwell Health

  • The goal of the workshop was two-fold: to present materials related to teaching consent, as well as to explore what asynchronous delivery of student-facing material (information and activities) looks like using the Google Classroom platform with integrated third-party applications.
  • The intended audience of the presentation was educators; the material presented is intended for high school students (with modifications for middle school).
  • The material on consent can be used by students working independently, in small student-led groups, or delivered by a health educator/facilitator/teacher; the activities can be done virtually or in-person, live or asynchronously.
  • The material was presented within the Google Classroom platform and was intended to showcase the flexibility offered within that platform of synchronous (facilitated) or asynchronous (independent) engagement.  The content (activities in particular) could be used by students or educators, and is easily adapted for independent work, facilitated work (virtual) or facilitated work (in-person).

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